Malachite & Picture Jasper Stretch Bracelet

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Size: 6.75" (XS)
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Malachite & Picture Jasper are naturally found near each other in Africa and they complement each other beautifully. Malachite is an important protection stone and has been used to cleanse negative energy, radiation and EMF. It’s used for the Heart Chakra and for dream enhancement. Malachite has also been used to bring balance and a calming energy. Picture Jasper is used as a powerful grounding stone of the Root Chakra. It has also been used as protection during shamanic journeys and meditation.

Disclaimer: Healing does not mean curing. Gemstones are intended to promote energy balance to mind, body and soul. Consult a doctor for health-related problems or injuries. Healing with gemstones complements but is not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment.